It’s about you – coaching and counseling for new times.

I’ve been Coaching and Counseling as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 YEARS.

People have come to me for help with MANY different life problems, chances are I’m quite familiar with yours and how to help you get unstuck!

The “It’s About You” part:

You need counseling when life is happening, not after the fact.  I appreciate that our problems don’t happen on schedule, and counseling is of highest value when you need it.  I’ll respond and help you sort things out in your time of need and have the flexibility to meet with you in person, over the phone or via video conferencing.

To make getting a hold of me straightforward, you will:

Access my schedule and book appointment online

Reach me directly via phone, text, or email


Expect me to address your needs promptly


Receive responsiveness in getting in for urgent care appointments

Find easy the flexibility of Evening, Saturday and Daytime appointments

The “For New Times” part:

The number 1 thing my clients tell me in the first session is “This was different, I’ve had a lot of counseling before and we talked and I told my story, I’ve never had such an active session where I learned new things and had tools right away to manage things better.”

“New Times” is also about you getting on to New Times in your own life.

I bring over 20 years of experience to you and have a toolbox filled with many approaches to help you get unstuck, shift perspective, see things from a different angle, find the meaning, and dance differently through the good times and bad times. There is plenty of room in our work to consider all the layers.  I’ll bring you my expert discernment in identifying the pressure points and help you build new skills and find your internal resources to move beyond them.

Joy, Hope, Power, Authenticity, Connection—let’s get you focused on getting this good stuff.


A process of self-discovery and creating new patterns for living.

Workshops & Groups

Enhance your Resilience and Joyful Living with leading-edge information, practices & community.


A partnership to help you create the life you want.


Jean’s enthusiasm, knowledge and skill at teaching mindfulness and energy work is exceptional.

Teacher, San Juan College

Very engaging and so helpful! Thank you for sharing- we need this in our schools!

School Counselor, Farmington Municipal Schools

My 17 year-old son has been struggling with depression and has been withdrawn.  He worked with Jean for 2 sessions, related really well with her, and she taught him an active way to work with his emotions.  Some days later he called me while I was away expressing he was having a hard time.  I suggested he use the tool Jean taught him.  He not only did but he texted me a bit later saying he showed it to his friend and his friend tried it too and they were both feeling much better.  I couldn’t believe he even felt empowered to help his friend!

– A Mom, September 2017

Jean is very knowledgeable and a very engaging trainer. I received so much valuable information which I’m excited to use both personally and professionally.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Farmington NM

My daughter was struggling in school. We were considering therapy over the summer as a resource to deal with her stress. After attending Jean’s “Reboot for Teens!” workshop, she was in a great place and felt that she could hold off on therapy. This workshop worked wonders for her confidence.

Audrey Sanchez

Wherever you are in your life or world, you can begin to change for the better, starting… NOW!

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