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It gives us great joy to bring creative approaches to solving your problems.


The field of Counseling, Coaching, and overall mental health care is constantly evolving and we bring cutting-edge interventions to help you get on track in your life. We have options in our Farmington, NM counseling practice for the care we offer and you may prefer to receive care from our team approach.


Individual Psychotherapy

Online and in-person individual sessions in Farmington, NM, focus on facilitating and empowering people to overcome barriers, change restricting patterns and improve the capacity to feel relaxed but deeply engaged with relationships, work and with life. Charlie and Jean bring some of the same and some different skills sets to clients and we can help you decide who would be the best care provider for your needs. You can expect 60-90 minute sessions for this work. We work with people of all ages who can benefit from our skill sets.

For people who are interested in Coaching towards specific life changes, you’ll find more information here on our Coaching Services.

Couples Therapy Counseling

Couples therapy is for couples who are curious about themselves and who desire to move beyond their habitual patterns of interacting, to experience a more secure, rewarding and satisfying relationship. Jean has studied with Stan Tatkin, PsyD and his PACT therapy model guides her work with you. We will demystify how your relationship gets into trouble and decode a way out so you can cultivate a secure loving connection with each other. You will become skilled at supporting and caring for each other, learn to work through conflict and have clear agreements about your relationship.

You can expect 90-120 minute sessions. Longer intensives are available if you are coming from a distance or desire to work intensely in a shorter span of time on your relationship.

Always Options… 
Couples Counseling with Jean Manz, LMFT & Charles Stacy, LMFT

Couples Counseling is sometimes BEST when 2 experienced therapists are in the room with you—especially when the emotional intensity for both partners has resulted in one of you feeling great upset and the other one withdrawing. With a combined 35 years of experience working with family systems, Jean’s expertise in the couple dynamic and Charlie’s honed skill with Organic Intelligence move things forward and creates a dynamic experience where new possibility is found.

Support for Therapists

Charlie provides support and professional guidance to mental health professionals via individual case consultation sessions and group supervision.  Both online and in person formats are available.

Learning Opportunities

We offer online and in-person training on numerous topics related to health, wellness, healing and workforce development. Community organizers, teachers, activists, healers, bodyworkers, physicians and psychotherapists are currently enrolled in our ongoing monthly training group. Please contact us for current offerings.


What You Can Expect in Our Work Together


Assessing and resourcing your gifts and passions


Changing self-sabotaging habits and creating life-enhancing ones


Understanding the factors that have led to your problems


Exploring your beliefs and attitudes


Demystify the relationship patterns that have you stuck.


Decode your way out of trouble spots with your partner.


Understand principles that underlie secure love relationships.


Releasing energy held in your body that is blocking your expansion


Tuning in to your own body and internal states


Building resources to enhance relaxation and a sense of competence


Developing skills to shift feelings when needed


Discharging energy related to incomplete self-protective responses


Learning approaches and tools that will enhance your relationships


Repair hurts and betrayals.

Our practice is currently accepting some insurances including Presbyterian, EBSO, and Aetna.

Manz & Stacey Coaching & Counseling accepts some insurances, including EBSO, Aetna, Presbyterian, most Medicaid, Molina, Summit, True Health and HMA.

We are providers for mental health services under the State of New Mexico Victim’s Compensation Fund and for the Office of Medical Investigators. These funds help pay for care if you have been a victim of a crime or have a loved one that has died as the result of a criminal act.

Our list of accepted insurances are often changing so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please contact us for more details.

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