Workshops and Groups

My group workshops are designed to help you live your life to the fullest. Join me and others in a seminar series, group workshop, or a mentor group.

Reboot Your Wellbeing! (One Version for Adults, One Version for Teens)

A Seminar Series

I attended the “Reboot Your Wellbeing” seminars offered by Jean Manz this summer. I went with the intention of possibly finding “new tricks for a slightly older dog” to use in my classroom. I came away with so much more! Mrs. Manz shared techniques that teachers and students (anybody) can use at any time, any place, to refocus, reduce “anxiety”, and open the learning circuits in the brain. We all know that if a person is not in the right mental place in the classroom, teaching and learning will not occur. It is amazing how quickly one can change the channels of body so learning areas of the brain can be activated. I came away so fascinated that I have begun my own reading on the science behind the techniques. I am learning so much I can add to my Biology lessons!

Gail Silva

Science Teacher, Piedra Vista High School, NM

2 sessions, 90 min each.

Cost: $40

Are you feeling the stress and pressure of life? Depleted from giving so much of your Self? Or perhaps you could use some new tools to help yourself or those you work with manage their stress levels. Join me for this engaging seminar series where you will learn about and experience cutting edge practices to rebalance yourself and find your way back to full vitality and joy.

Scientists have evidence that Happiness and Wellness is a function of the following equation:

Well-being = 50% genetic set point for happiness + 10% what happens to you + 40% your Habits

We have also learned through the field of Epigenetics that we can turn on and off our DNA and influence our genetics through conscious and intentional practices. The ability to manage stress is a necessary skill for optimal health and productivity. Through teaching methods to calm and balance the autonomic nervous system, this Seminar series assists people to access their own innate intelligence for optimal performance. This Series will offer a special focus on engaging your energy system using the tools of Energy psychology.

Cohort Mentor Groups

“Inspiring you to do inspired work and live an inspired life!”

My passion is to create a place where together we

  • Inspire and energize you to share your gifts.
  • Clarify your dreams and how to take inspired action.
  • Ignite your unique passions.
  • Build new skills for effectiveness in your work.
  • Increase love and goodness in this world.
  • Foster resilience of body-mind-heart.

School Counselor Mentor Group

A monthly 75-minute community experience.

Join this tribe to develop new tools for emotional regulation to use with yourself and with your clients, feel a greater sense of belonging and renew your sense of purposeful work.

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