Coaching can help you get what you truly want!

The coaching process addresses specific performance areas, personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession. In coaching we will examine what is going on right now, discover what your obstacles or challenges might be, unwind habits that are self-limiting, rewrite disempowering beliefs, develop internal resources and new skills and decide a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. I bring to you my expertise in asking the right questions and help you to focus on the important aspects. The answers and direction will emerge from you. We will connect your head and your heart to move you forward into taking meaningful and inspired action to create the life you want.

You May Want To:

Overcome Limitations
Transform Stress
Enhance Public Performance
Create More Ease and Joy
Develop Self-Confidence
Think Clearly
Reach Your Highest Potential
Expand Perception and Intuition
Achieve Your Personal Best
Deactivate hot buttons like anger, upsets, frustrations, stress.
Lead an Inspired Life

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For Farmington, NM Coaching

Individual Coaching

This is just right for you if you are ready for a change or enhanced living, are wanting facilitation in the process of change, and are needing professional support and some structure in taking proactive steps to create this change. Coaching is present and solution focused. The process may require us to break through some old demons and dragons in order to be free to take inspired action in the NOW. I will be compassionate guide and accountability partner who’s highly trained to sort out the issues and help you move ahead. We will meet for private sessions and I will be available for some between session phone and email check-ins.

Performance Coaching

Getting into the Zone of Optimal Performance includes learning the skills for regulating the central nervous system — not letting the jitters get the best of you! I will show you cutting edge approaches to redirect the stress response so that you can access muscle memory, retrieve learned knowledge and use your training to give your best performance, every time.

These sessions can benefit performers of all types, such as athletes, musicians, dancers, public speakers, test takers, medical professionals, and students. We will combine techniques from the Heartmath Institute, biofeedback, and Energy Psychology, with mental rehearsal and thought control strategies.

Cohort Mentorship

Are you a fellow traveler in a helping role, providing service to others, and wanting more resources, skill, supportive community or burn-out prevention? Are you a teacher, counselor, minister, hospice worker, nurse, childcare worker, doctor, parent… or providing care to others in innumerable ways? I would love you to join my communities that support and resource you, the Healer. I offer on-going group experiences, meet-ups and training to Helpers. Please call me or go here to learn what is going on. I am always open to learning how I could be of unique service, so call me if you don’t see what you are needing.

Jean Manz has taught me practical tools for everyday effectiveness. I can now confidently use EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique- a process of tapping on specific accupressure points) to process emotional responses, and I find this particularly helpful in parenting and in work. I had been exposed to EFT several times before but didn’t have the mastery to use the techniques. With Jean’s workshop, I was able to better understand the science behind EFT and to practice the skills so that EFT has become a tool I can actually use on my own. We left with handouts so that when I’ve forgotten some aspect of the EFT process, I refer to the printed materials and remember what we did in the workshop. I now know how to use this on my own and incorporate it into my daily life.

In an individual setting, Jean Manz has used Heart Math to show me on a monitor a reflection of my state of being. It’s exciting to see quantitative results of more esoteric concepts and Heart Math helped me to see concrete, tangible results of how my thinking effects my body. The concept and practice of coherence gives me another tool to access my own energy and positivity.

Liesl Dees

Director of Community Learning Center, San Juan College in Farmington, NM

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